StEPS Eye Screening

StEPS will be visiting us on Thursday 22nd June 2017. What is StEPS? The StEPS program is an initiative of NSW Health and offers all 4 year old children free vision screening. Why would my child need their vision screened? • Children rarely complain of eye problems • Children may not realise they can’t see […]

Oxide Park JPG
Strong voices with the community park projects

Kelly from Hastings Council came to preschool in February last year and showed us how we could make earth colours by looking at Aboriginal art and colours in the Northern Territory. Kelly invited Red room to paint stepping stones for Oxide Park that was to undergo renovation. At a morning meeting the children voted to […]

market day
Market Day

Red and Blue rooms worked hard over many weeks designing a market and making many goods for our market day.  The market contained lots of signs, one said ‘Welcome’, others had prices and descriptions.  All the parents gathered to open the market. We raised from the market and extra donations from parents just over $300 […]